There are several reasons to use every attack in war, even when a war is lost.

  1. Practice in a real war environment - There is no other medium that allows you to pick from a range of bases to practice on. This is the time to practice new and different strategy or even known strategy on different base types.
  2. The percentage algorithm is what we go by - Even when it looks like our percentage of destruction is down, allowing our percentage to climb gives others a chance to do the same. The war results are not in until every attack is made (this is in reference to wars that look lost but every effort has not been made).
  3. Clan pride/spirit - We at Nocturne Alley take pride in wars and always do our best, despite an apparent/obvious loss. This is akin to giving a good showing in a sport. Our clan does not "give up" and fore-fit by way of letting a timer run out or throwing our hands in the air and saying "done".
  4. Slippery slope - There are many clans out there that give up before the war even starts. They don't bother attacking if the war looks hard, is going bad or generally looks unwinnable. This is not tolerated behavior in our clan since it results in a spirit of loss which can lose wars before they even start.
  5. Viral behavior - Not attacking without consequences can ruin a clan. Soon more and more people do it and before you know it, you are stuck in a clan that loses due to lack of faith, lack of loyalty, lack of leadership, lack of good example and lack of discipline.

Nocturne Alley prides itself in making every attack and any defeat spirit is tempered by our war exclusion program outlined by our rules. If you choose not to attack, you will be excluded from war.