Basic War Base design

A War Base is different from a Home Base. The only things that need protected is the Town Hall and Defenses. The normal theory of protecting resources is exempt in a war since no one can actually steal any resources from your Home Base.

Wars attacks do not affect your shields, resources or trophies.

Make your War Bases accordingly. One tactic is to use resource storage's to protect key defenses since storage's have the highest hit points for the enemy to go through.

Also, Traps should be placed in between defenses for Troops that go after defenses. You cannot control where enemies come in from or go but you can be sure that Troops that target defenses with have to go from defense to defense so put your traps between them.

Bombs should be placed in pairs to increase damage since one bomb is not enough damage.

Note that walls beside each other doesn't do any good against Wall Breakers since they do splash damage. It is better to have a space between walls against Wall Breakers.

At higher levels (TH7 and up) it is important to have as many spaces that can hold double Giant Bombs as possible so the opponent can't guess where any double Giant Bombs are. Double Giant Bombs stop a Hog Rider attack instantly by destroying the entire group at once.

Below are some War Base designs on each TH level. There are also many designs to be found on YouTube or just a Google image search for any TH level. Use what ever design you like or create your own. Just have fun, ask any questions and listen to advice.

TH 3
Features: centralized Mortar and Clan Castle, Storages protecting Town Hall
TH 4
Features: Centralized AD, Mortar and CC. Protected defenses on one side, building protection on the other. Storage protection spread.
TH4 War Base
TH 5
Features: Centralized AD, Mortar and CC. All defenses walled in. Storage protection spread.
TH5 war base2
TH 6
Features: Compartmentalized defenses. Multiple spaces for Giant Bomb to be hidden. Quad defense protection for AD. Spread storage protection. Wizard Towers central to defenses.
TH6 War Base
TH 7
more to come
TH 8
more to come
TH 9
more to come
TH 10
more to come