Dragon + Lightning + SnipeEdit

Army composition:

10 Dragons

CC: Max lvl balloons or max lvl hogs

3 Rage

Base 6-2

  1. Zoom into designated air defense and drop 3 lightning in the exact center tile of the 3x3.
  2. Drop 1 dragon on each side of the funnel to "cut the line" for your main body of dragons (next step) to push into the base.
  3. Drop the main body of dragons in a line creating the funnel to the second air defense and air sweeper.
  4. Just before CC troop deployment (next step) deploy BK to take aggro of the archer tower that is defending AD.
  5. Wait until the dragons are taking fire from the AD (and an archer tower) and deploy CC balloons or hogs to go after the archer tower then air defense.

Hog StrategyEdit

Army composition:

3 barbarians, 5 archers, 8 wizards (CC kill squad and clean up)

rest hogs

CC: Max lvl hogs

3 heal


Base 6

  1. Pre-trigger potential bomb locations with one hog on each space. This will also lure out the CC. Deal with CC (next step) and make sure all indicated spaces are pre-triggered.
  2. Lure CC to indicated "kill zone" and bunch up using barch, tank with king and dispatch with 4 or 5 wizards. Save poison for enemy skeletons, if you can.
  3. Deploy hogs with a two finger drop.
  4. Drop heals just before hogs reach heal area. Keep in mind the remaining spaces.

Note on heals: Placement shown is only a general area and specific placement depends on how the tide of war actually flows, adjust accordingly but keep in mind any empty spaces if all giant bombs are not known.