Dragloon (classic)Edit

Army composition:

10 dragons

CC: max lvl balloons

3 rage


Note: 4 balloons can take the place of 1 dragon if wanting to back up the CC balloons. Base 2

  1. Drop 1 dragon on each side of the funnel to "cut the line" for your main body of dragons (next step) to push into the base.
  2. Drop the main body of dragons in a line creating the funnel into the core.
  3. Drop a rage to let the balloons propel into the core (next step). This is done just after the indicated defenses are destroyed.
  4. Deploy CC balloons to go after the remaining AD and/or AS.

Note on balloons: the balloons will either go to the left or right. With a rage and heal in the core, the dragons and balloons should take care of both AD's.