Giant/Hog StrategyEdit

Army composition:

32 archers (CC troops and clean up)

4 wall breakers (emergency back up plan)

rest giants

CC: Max lvl hog riders

Lightning spell

Base 15

  1. Lure out and kill CC troops in the designated area, use lighting if needed
  2. Deploy giants quickly against the designated defenses, starting by the "kill zone" where the archers are (previous step) and ending by CC deployment (next step)
  3. Deploy CC against point damage defenses, the one indicated will take out 2 point damage defenses first
  4. keep deploying giants quickly, one at a time in the same designated defenses as needed to keep the aggro of defenses
  5. if things go wrong, use wall breakers to let giants in to help
  6. use any archers left over from step 1 to clean up after defenses are destroyed