Giant/Balloon StrategyEdit

Army composition:

30 archers (CC Kill Squad and clean up)

10 wall breakers

rest giants

cc: max lvl balloons


Base 14

  1. Lure out and kill CC troops in the designated area, use lighting if needed
  2. Deploy giants quickly against the designated defense, use one to check for traps and try to keep at least 4 giants back. Use wall breakers (all of them) behind giants in between mortar shots.
  3. Deploy against designated defenses, starting with the one at the CC deployment (next step). Work around the base slowly as the CC balloons work through the base but try to stay ahead of the balloons.
  4. Deploy CC against the wizard tower, try to be on the side of the archer tower hoping it will go to the archer tower next
  5. use any archers left over from step 1 to clean up after defenses are destroyed