With the low troop capacity, TH 3 and 4 are hard pressed to lure out and kill CC troops and destroy a base in enough time. Fortunately, max level CC troops can almost destroy the base themselves. If you provide enough help and support with the troops you have, they will do just that.

Assess the baseEdit

Determine if hog riders will be able to destroy the base.

  1. If the base doesn't have spaces between, spring traps are not a threat and hogs can destroy all the defenses.
  2. If buildings that have potential spring traps (spaces) can be destroyed by giants, eliminating the threat then hogs can destroy the rest of the defenses.

Before deploying CC hogs, use giants to get the attention (aggro) of defenses to support the hogs.

Although slower, max level balloons can be used when hogs can't. The air defense must be eliminated by giants first and, when possible, giants can get the aggro of archer towers before deploying balloons. Take some wall breakers to help giants get to an air defense if it is behind walls.