Hi roti

Welcome to Nocturne Alley :D

Just letting you know the checklist for TH 7 to gain the most in attacking (in the quickest fashion).

1. Upgrade spell factory. This gives Triple lightning which can kill a single air defense (AD)... This is crucial for dragon attacks and can be used against TH 6 with straight balloon attacks.

2. Get dragons. One barracks at least, although 2 allows only logging in twice per army.

3. Upgrade dragons and balloons. Dragons are stronger but cost more. Balloons can be used with dragons (dragloon) and with minions (balloonion). Both strategies are sound. Make sure balloons are max for using balloon/minion strategy.

4. Upgrade Clan Castle (CC). Having 4 balloons/hogs makes a nice difference in an attack plus the added option of taking a high level dragon with you.

5. Upgrade Barbarian King (BK), lvl 5 unlocks his mini-rage skill so keep on it. You can get lvl 5 before TH 8 but it is hard.

These are a bit situational. For instance, since you already have minions, you may be more effective upgrading balloons before the push to get dragons. But the first one stands. The spell factory opens up rage spell for balloons and dragons (although triple lightning for dragons is more effective most of the time).

Additional note on strategies: Most attack types need the enemy CC lured out and killed before the main strategy can be executed properly but Dragons don't. Dragons target anything and have enough hit points to withstand any CC troops (they just don't care about anything but the AD's for damage). Ask about funneling dragons to make them more effective.