The CC kill needs to be as efficient as possible. Everything needs to be dropped with good timing.

1. Drop the poison, just to slow them down. Everything else needs dropped before the poison wheres off. The poison should be dropped where it is most efficient for your kill squad, not where the CC is. It should be dropped when they start to enter the area you chose. If you chose to bunch up the CC with barch, do so before you drop the poison.

2. Drop a giant (you can take a second giant for cc kill if it may be needed). This giant is sacrificial and will not survive, its just a tank for your kill squad.

3. Immediately drop your kill squad. Kill squad is either 4-5 wiz or 2 wiz and the Queen.

4. Immediately drop a couple archers in front of the kill squad (around where the giant is at the time, probably slightly ahead of it). This allows for distraction in case the giant goes down a bit early.

5. As soon as the CC kill is going to happen, start your main attack. This saves your kill squad from dying. The main attack force acts like a tank for the kill squad.

Tips on FunnelEdit

The most important thing about funneling is the edges of the funnel. This would be the cut off points that are far enough away to allow everything else to start funneling into the base. The wizards that do the initial cut off are separate from the rest of the main attack force. They are sacrificial troops that hit the buildings that "must go down" for the funnel to work. Those wizards may go off in the wrong direction afterward but they did the job they were designed to do.

Dropping wizards at the edge of the funnel first allows those buildings to be killed first. Then you can drop other wizards that will work inward, keeping the sacrificial loss to a minimum and adding troops to your main attack since those wizards will funnel in and follow the main attack force.

Sometimes you can use minions to cut off the edges. This may save the space of a second golem normally needed for ground troops. It only works when defenses that can hit air is not in range of both the edge of the funnel AND you have a way to work inward from there. If using minions, you need 2-3 minions to do the job in a timely manner.

Baby dragons can be used to cut the edges if the entire base can be taken with Valks or a Valk combination (BaVa Strategy).

Valks can always be used to work inward from the cut off points once they are down. This can be used for many different strategies if the Valks will be healed rather quickly when entering the base (they should never be sacrificial).