There are several types of dragon funneling according to the need of the base. Depending on how you need to funnel dragons in, each type has merit.

Mass dragons are strongest when grouped together, ensuring destruction and survival while pushing deeper into the base. Splitting into multiple groups will only weaken the strategy. Funneling is the way to deploy the best chance a dragon army has.

Classic dragon funnelingEdit

The classic dragon funnel allows 2 dragons to cut a line and the rest of the dragons will go into the base. This is the most basic dragon funnel and works with most bases.

The objective is to try to cut the line in such a way as your end dragons will go into the deployment of the rest of your dragons. Classic funnel 1

Wait until key buildings are destroyed before deploying the rest of your dragons. This ensures you get the desired path for dragons. Classic funnel 2

The funnel is created and used as the path of least resistance to targets in the core . Classic funnel 3

Staggered dragon funnelingEdit

Staggered funneling works much the same as classic funneling except instead of waiting for the dragons to cut the line, dragons are deployed in a time sequence to allow the line to be cut sequentially making the same effect in less time.

The deployment is systematic from one side to the other in quick sequence. The first dragons laid will destroy the outlying buildings first and follow the deployment until all dragons are in the middle (deployment #9) and the funnel is created for the path to the core. Staggered funnel

Dragons in a lineEdit

Dragons deployed in a line is not really a funnel but can have much the same effect as a funnel (on the right base). The biggest drawback of a line is that more dragons have the chance of going off around the sides rather than into the base.

Dragons are deployed in a strategic line against specific targets (namely an air defense). Line funnel 1

One thing to be aware is how the dragons will react against the next set of buildings, many can go off to the sides and leave a few to do the work. Line funnel 2

Layered dragon funnelingEdit

Layered funnels take into account multiple layers of buildings/defenses and keep dragons back for deployment at the right time to create the funnel needed to go into the core.

A normal (smaller) funnel is created with less dragons and more wait time. Layered funnel 1

After the initial cut off, when its needed, a secondary layer can be cut off with a couple dragons. Layered funnel 2

Deeper layers can be accessed with a few dragons if patience in both deployment and allowing time for adequate destruction. Layered funnel 3