Hi Dr! Sorry we put you in this war... definitely opt out so we don't accidentally keep doing this to you.

Anyway, as a TH 9 it is important for you to attack other TH 9's as much as possible.

For your first attack, try to put 2 stars on #3. You will save your second attack to see what needs done, if there is nothing that needs help below then you are to attack #2 or #1.

Marren's plan for #3Edit

Since you don't have any jump spells, witches, clan castle capacity for golem, rage spells or high level hogs, etc.

Marren has come up with a plan against #3 for you to be able to successfully 2 star it.

The plan hinges around a natural funnel that is flawed in the base. Ordinarily, a simple jump spell is all that is needed, however, you will have to take 4 earthquake spells and a few wallbreakers. Pink floyd 1

This gives a natural funnel to the core for your golems and pekkas to use. In the picture below, you need to try to leave the red walls intact and also take care of the outlying buildings to funnel properly. Note that the golems will naturally go to the core but the pekkas need funneled into the core. Pink floyd 2

On the other side of the base, there are some free buildings (to go for 50%) that a few troop space of minions can take out (providing there is no tesla surprises). Below shows the type of pathing for 3 buildings per minion. The right side shows how 1 minion will path for 3 buildings and a second minion can wait until those are gone to path for 2 more. There is similar pathing on the south (not shown). Pink floyd 3

Since I didn't come up with the plan and was rather tired last night, I can only give a vague description of the army make up.

3 wallbreakers (I would probably take 4)
4 minions (I would probably take 5)
4 golems
1 pekka
the rest wizards

pekka in your CC

4 earthquake spells, rage and poison

If there is any problems with how to funnel, just ask in clan chat.