There are many outside programs used in CoC. Our clan considers some of them cheating.


This clan considers x-modding cheating. This is a program that allows simulated runs against a war base to give advantage in war attacks. We do not allow x-modders to remain in the clan. Any programs that otherwise alters or simulates the game in any way is not allowed.

Multiple accountsEdit

There are Android emulators on PC that allow you to play CoC on your PC. Bluestacks is the most common and sound program to do this.

You can also make as many Android accounts as you want as long as you have one device per account with separate emails (not tied together). Bluestacks can be used as a separate device or be tied to your original Android account.

If using Bluestacks for the first time, it is highly recommended to make a new Android account with it because, like all Android devices, you can switch back and forth between 2 existing accounts (one from your original CoC Android device and the new one from bluestacks). This would give you multiple Android accounts on CoC to play with (on any of your Android devices).

That also goes for anytime you get a new Android device of any kind, you can create a new Android account with it and switch back and forth from any of your Android accounts.

Note that Bluestacks is not supported by supercell. There is also a clause in the terms of use that MAY exclude separate accounts but supercell has never enforced the terms of use in this manner.

As such, it should be noted that talking about Bluestacks should never happen in chat and talking about multiple accounts should be kept to a minimum.

Allowed programsEdit

Any programs which save money and do not alter the game (having an account on bluestacks instead of buying a device for an account, for instance) are allowed. Talking in chat about them are not because admitting to using them can get you banned. The following programs may be used at your own risk under the following conditions:

There are programs that work with bluestacks which allow you to do various things. One is called an auto-clicker which keeps you online while you are away. This saves your loot from being raided.

Other ones actually actively farm while you are away, gaining loot.

These programs can save money because gems are not needed as much to progress.

Note that it is absolutely forbidden to discuss these programs in clan chat.

Also note that active farming programs are forbidden until players are at least max TH 8 because skipping levels through the game hurts skills that would be cultivated through normal game play.

Any questions or concerns may be posted below or discussed inside this websites chat room.