Nocturne Alley treats all active members older than a month as elders, elders as co-leaders and co-leaders as leader in terms of respect due.

Nocturne Alley takes safe guarding all members very seriously and, currently, only those that know a co-leader in real life can become co-leader. A co-leader has the authority to kick all members and elders out of the clan in succession (no timer in between). In order to safe guard its members and elders, Nocturne Alley only chooses known co-leaders.

Furthermore, only trusted and mature members known from clan chat can become elder. This is to safe guard all regular members from being kicked for no reason.

Understanding that title really means nothing in a close knit clan and providing a safe environment with clear rules that all may follow (rather easily) is the goal of Nocturne Alley.

The fact that co-leaders are treated as leaders may someday lead to different rules and a different promotion stance through a consensus of all (co-)leaders.


The consensus of all (co-)leaders has changed a bit of the flexibility of allowing (co-)leaders. We feel as though strict criteria can be met as well. These include activity (dedication to the game), knowledge and experience (being able to give guidance on strategy), direct communication with (co-)leaders (through voice such as steam, text if needed and generally being able to be contacted), empowerment (acting as leader, keeping in mind the goals of the clan), selflessness (doing what it takes to help all clan members) and alignment (showing knowledge of what the clan needs).

Loyalty is not given as a quality because it is recognized within all our longstanding members. It is already there when we belong to a clan as great as ours.

Note that many of these qualities are needed to be elder but all of them are needed to be a leader. Do not confuse the issue. Elders are to act as the right hand of the clan (acting as co-leaders) and are empowered to start acting like leaders. Co-leaders are those that leaders rely on consistently, acting as leaders to the clan and are considered the same as our clan leaders.

Special note: xuby is the first to achieve co-leader status who has not been known in real life. We have gotten to know him through clan chat and steam. He is one of the most active members of our clan, keeping his account(s) leveled up and participating in war. He has researched enough to advise our leaders on how to attack with experience enough to back up his strategy. He has made decisions for accepting new members consistently in line with leader goals. It is recognized that xuby has acted as a leader of this clan for an extended period of time. Congrats!